Career Preparation Tips

Career 'Field-Pack' Items

As you leave your full-time National Service days behind you, you will need to prepare for the next stage of your career journey. Remember your Army Field Pack List of essential items? Well, here's a list of 10 items that you will see coming in handy when you embark on your job search.

  1. Your Resume
    This is an essential that you cannot do without. Everything that is important about you should be well summarised in your resume.

  2. Professional Certification and Credentials
    CPA, ICF and any other professional certification that you have can help bolster your profile and show your professional competencies.

  3. Social Media and Professional Profile
    Maintaining a professional presence online can help when employers are searching for more information on you. Refer to our handy LinkedIn guide if you want to get started!

  4. Networking Skills
    Reaching out to the people who may be able to help in your job search takes some skills and expertise. Refer to our handy guide for information!

  5. Career Portfolio
    Provide examples past projects that you have worked. This helps to show that you have practical skills that have been put to use in the past!

  6. Job Portals and Career Fairs
    Make a note of all avenues of job search and decide on the ones that best suit you.

  7. Recruitment and Career Services
    You may need help in finding a job so don't be afraid to seek it. Visit a career centre and see a career coach for help. Read about it here!

  8. Labour Market SITREP
    Understand what the job market is like to know your options. This helps you filter out the jobs that are currently in demand so you can improve your chances.

  9. Knowing Yourself
    Before putting yourself up for scrutiny with prospective employers, have a good understanding of what your skills and talents are. Visit a WSG Career Centre if you need assistance!

  10. Grooming
    Lastly, looking the part helps convince your employer that you are what they are looking for!

A well-prepared soldier reduces his chances of failure and that could save many lives. For a jobseeker, being well-prepared means you can be assured that you are on the right path and lessen the chances of failure. Always be prepared!

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